Look here if you need to find out how to get around. There are free shuttles that move through the Historic District. Also remember you only have to pay for on-street parking on the weekdays from 8am - 5pm. This means it is free after 5pm, on Federal holidays, and on the weekends. Oh and guess what? Uber is operating in Savannah now! Download the app and look for a ride!

  • Savannah16 Motor Coach Line connecting Savannah to Atlanta
  • The DOT
    • The City's webpage for the DOT network, which includes a downtown shuttle, an antique streetcar on River Street, and a ferry that goes back and forth to Hutchinson Island.
  • The bus is cheap to ride, but there is also a free shuttle that travels all around the Historic District and several blocks outside it.
  • The City's resource on downtown parking, including rates and hours for the parking garages.
  • Trips for tips! Tired of walking or need to get someplace fast? Grab one of these guys!

Bicycle info

  • Motorini
    • Rent a Vespa scooter and tool around town like Audrey Hepburn!