Welcome to Savannah, my home town! See the city as it should be seen- on foot, with a local to show you all the cool stuff. Join your fellow travelers on one of my public tours: The Slo-vannah Saunter or Lightly Sauced. Would you prefer to have a guide all to yourself? Then contact me directly to schedule a private, fully customizable walking tour! Got a horde of family or friends to entertain? Students to educate? Ask me about my group rates!

I know it's a little confusing to navigate an unfamiliar city. I want you to have a great time and I want Savannah to be one of your fondest memories. That's why I'm the only tour guide in town who will take care of you before, during, and after your walk with me. This website is your one-stop resource for all the best the city has to offer. You are welcome to send me questions directly and I'll even call or text you back if you need to know what's what after you've finished your tour. Welcome to Savannah!

Bonnie Terrell- your guide

About Bonnie

I was born and raised in Savannah and have always felt a deep love for my hometown and privileged to have been born in such a beautiful place. When I was a kid, my family lived in a turn of the century Victorian style house in an old part of the city, so History always had a very tangible presence in my life. It has never been just words on a page or a class at school- it was the space in which I lived.

I have been a tour guide for the last 14 years. I also majored in History at Armstrong State University. I research constantly so I always have new things to share with my guests. My specialty is creating tours that go deep and leave you thoroughly educated. No costumes, no gimmicks, just one hell of a guide.