Trust me, the Savannah Wal-Mart is just the same as your Wal-Mart back home. Why shop there when you can shop at these places? Aside from meeting some friendly businessfolk, these are the stores where you are most likely to find unique gifts that will impress all your friends back home with their Deep South mystique. The best shopping corridors to cruise are Broughton Street, City Market, River Street, Bull Street, and both sides of Bay Street. I am personally acquainted with several of the business owners listed here. If you plan to do some serious shopping, keep in mind that many stores are not open on Sunday, or open late and close early. Also, not every shop listed here is in the Historic District, although most of them are.


  • Metals and Paint

    • 107 W. Congress Street (across the street from The Lady and Sons)

    • (912) 234-7744

  • Jewelry Consignment Network (JCN)

    • My friend Mitch owns this place. Aside from carrying antique and estate jewelry and costume jewelry, he also sells new items and has a great selection of vintage pieces.

Clothes, shoes, purses

Most of the best clothing stores line Broughton Street, but but keep an eye on Bull and (south) Whitaker Streets as well.

  • Terra Cotta

    • This place sells a mix of items, clothing and shoes among them.

  • Civvies

    • One of my favorite thrift stores, though they sell new clothes as well. Civvies is on Broughton Street above a restaurant called The Mirage.


Savannah is crawling with artists and art students (thanks to SCAD) and awash in art galleries. They're sprinkled all over the Historic District, though you will find a solid concentration of them in City Market. In fact, you can watch many local artists at work in their galleries. Don't miss out on all City Market has to offer- remember to go up the stairs! And don't underestimate the street artists either. Two of my favorite prints are of oil pastels by Paul Alico, whom you are likely to see at his easel in Chippewa Square in the springtime. You can view examples of his work here.



Savannah is like the El Dorado of antique stores. They are everywhere! You'll find quite a lot along Whitaker Street, Bull Street, and along Bay Street across Factor's Walk.


  • Graveface Records and Curiosities

    • If you're in the market for something... strange. This place is not exactly in the Historic District, but worth the trek for fans of vinyl and weirdness. Learn more about Graveface by reading this Connect Savannah article.

  • Planet Fun

  • Bradley's Lock and Key Shop

    • 24 E. State St.

    • (912) 232-2148

    • It doesn't matter if you need keys or not. You still want to take a look at this place.