Now, why would you travel miles and miles to Savannah, Georgia only to see what you could see and do what you could do just as easily back home? Scroll through this list to find information about local arts and entertainment, museums, stuff to do on the cheap, and outdoor activities.

Online Resources

Here are some links to help you get started. These sources will help you learn a little about Savannah and her people.

Arts, Entertainment, and Culture

I'll bet you didn't know we have a world-class symphony or a roller derby or a house that many acknowledge as the "the most beautiful house in America". Don't let anyone tell you there isn't enough to do here in Savannah. Here's a list to get you started.

special annual tours



The price is right

There are plenty of things to do in this city that don't cost an arm and a leg and some don't cost anything at all! Here's the place to find fun, history, and culture on the cheap.

Visit the cemeteries

  • Colonial Park

    • Located right in the middle of the Historic District, Colonial Park Cemetery is open in the summer from 8am-8pm and in the winter from 8am-5pm. This is where most Savannahians were buried from 1750 until 1853. You will find many of our local Revolutionary War heroes buried here.

  • Bonaventure

    • This is a beautiful Victorian Gothic cemetery, the most famous in the area. Itis the final resting place of many noteworthy Georgians. Take advantage of the free tours they offer every second Sunday of the month if you're in town at the right time or just drive out there and stroll around on your own. Open 8am-5pm every day.

  • Laurel Grove

    • Another Victorian cemetery, Laural Grove is on the west side of town and holds the graves of many Confederate soldiers. It is also divided into two sections: the historically black half (Laurel Grove South) and the historically white half (Laurel Grove North). Also open 8am-5pm every day.

visit these spaces, which are open to the public at certain times

  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Ascension

  • Christ Church Episcopal

    • This is the mother church of Georgia, the oldest congregation in the state. The church is sometimes open for visitors during the day. If you are in Johnson Square and notice the doors of Christ Church are open, poke your head inside and see if they are welcoming visitors.

  • Lucas Theatre for the Arts

    • This gloriously restored 1921 movies palace is open for self-guided tours Wednesday-Saturday, 10am-4pm and offers guided tours for only $4.

  • Historic Savannah Theatre

    • The lobby is open to the public every day and has a display about the history of the theatre, which has been in continuous operation since it was built in 1818.

  • City Hall

    • The city archivist conducts free tours of our City Hall every first Tuesday of the month at noon. No cost, but you do need to reserve a spot.


  • Odd Lot Productions

    • Every Monday night (with some exceptions) local actors and comedians play improv games for your enjoyment. The troupe also does On the Spot Murder Mysteries each Friday at Savannah Coffee Roasters. It's an improvised murder mystery, plus a meal!

  • SCAD Cinema Circle

    • Experience classic, foreign, and exciting films on the big screen and on the cheap. These viewings include pre-screening commentary from the SCAD film department and post-screening Q&A.

  • Lucas Theatre for the Arts

    • Featuring film screenings and a variety of live performances throughout the year.

take the kids to the playground

  • Forsyth Park

    • There are two playgrounds in Forsyth Park, located at the southern end of the Historic District.

  • Ellis Square

    • While not exactly equipped with a playground, Ellis Square has an interactive fountain sure to keep your kids squealing and cavorting with delight while you relax with a drink and a snack from one of the nearby restaurants. There's also plenty of open space in the middle where your wee ones can race off some of their energy.

  • Colonial Park Cemetery

    • Well, not in the cemetery exactly. There is a nice playground outside the gate on the south end of the cemetery.

Outside the Landmark Historic District

What? There's more to do than tour the Historic District? You mean, there's more to the city than that? Well, gee, tell me more!


  • Fort Pulaski

    • A great place to visit if you're into Civil War history.

  • Old Fort Jackson

    • Located only a couple of miles to the east, it's a very quick drive here from downtown Savannah.

  • Wormsloe Plantation

    • This is the only surviving antebellum plantation site in the area and it dates all the way back to the founding of Georgia in the 1730s.

  • Savannah-Ogeechee Canal

    • This is a wonderfully preserved and restored section of the old canal that once linked the Savannah and Ogeechee Rivers. It's also a great place to take a little hike and get a look at the water.

  • Fort McAllister Historic Park

    • Come visit this dirt fort on the Ogeechee River that somehow withstood every attack until Sherman threw his whole army at it.

  • Pin Point Heritage Museum

    • Learn about one of Savannah's oldest Black communities at our newest museum.

Nature preserves and outdoor activities