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The Slo-Vannah Saunter

Taking a vacation to Savannah? Hit the ground running (or walking, in this case) by scheduling this all-inclusive tour at the start of your visit! We'll cover a broad range of topics including historic homes, African American history, important women, the Civil War and the American Revolution. Join me in the morning right after breakfast and you'll have all the basics covered before lunch!


  • Small group size- limited to 10 guests

  • Generous 3 hour run time at an easy pace

  • Runs 9:00am-12:00pm

  • Includes a break at a downtown cafe for refreshments! (cost of food and drinks not included in ticket price)

  • $45/adult, $25 kids ages 10-17, free for kids younger than 10

Meet in the square directly across from the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Meet in the square directly across from the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Lightly Sauced- Raise a Glass to History (21+ only)

It's classier than a pub crawl and tipsier than a history tour! Let me show you how to enjoy Savannah the way Savannahians do- with a drink in hand. Learn the city’s most interesting history on a late afternoon amble while sampling some favorite Southern libations. One of them was even invented right here in Savannah over 200 years ago!

Once the heat of the day has passed, we'll meet up in the late afternoon for a lazy stroll through the city. Pick up a little knowledge while also enjoying historically Savannah-centric libations from a few of downtown's nicer watering holes. You'll be all finished up and loosened up just in time to go get some dinner, where you can impress the people at the table next to you with all the Savannah lore you learned along the way!

Stops/drinks included

  • Jazz'd Tapas Bar for Madeira wine, a favorite drink in 19th century Savannah. Since I know better than to encourage drinking on an empty stomach, Jazz'd will also provide their Baked Cheese Terra Cotta plate, specially chosen to pair with the wine, for sharing with your fellow travelers.

  • Savannah Bee Company for a mead tasting. An all-things-honey gift shop, Savannah Bee is buzzing over their excitement to have you sample 6 different artisanal meads at their mead bar. What is mead? It’s an alcoholic beverage made from fermented honey. What on earth does that taste like? Take the tour to find out!

  • The17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant for mint juleps, that most famous of Southern cocktails. We'll breeze into their bar, grab these cool, minty refreshments, then amble over to Columbia Square. Imbibe your drinks while drinking in the beauty around you as the sun begins to set on the city.

  • The Pirates' House for samples of Savannah's signature drink- Chatham Artillery Punch (we like to end with a bang). The drink and the building both originated here sometime in the 18th century and both are the stuff of legend.


  • Ticket price includes the cost of food, beverages, and even tips at planned stops

  • Generous 3 hour run time at an easy pace

  • Runs 4:30pm-7:30pm; 3:30pm start time on Sundays

  • Small group size- limited to 10 guests

  • $90/adult

returning in the fall: savannah confidential

For a limited time only (October-December), Bonnie Blue Tours presents this unique collaboration with one of Savannah’s best storytellers. Who is this mysterious character? That must also remain confidential until you arrive for your tour. Shhhhhhh!

What is it?

This “Adults-Only” view of the city’s Historic District is 100% original. Led by a longtime, respected fixture on the city’s music, film, and pop-culture scenes, it’s a candid 2-hour peek behind the moss curtain that’s perfect for anyone who gets bored by the Civil War and marble monuments. Savannah Confidential covers the time period from the mid-1970s to the present. It focuses on the glory days of Savannah’s internationally celebrated counterculture, contrasting seedy debauchery with today’s more sanitized version of the Hostess City. These are mostly private, uncirculated first and second-person anecdotes your guide has either experienced himself or which have been shared with him over the years by the actual participants. Featuring: criminal activity, embarrassing behavior, sexual depravity, celebrity encounters, queer culture, drug use, and mysterious deaths; not to mention the formation of the city’s local (and now world-famous) underground music scene.

NOTE: This tour contains graphic descriptions of a wide variety of mature/controversial topics that some may find disturbing, and is open to those 18 and older only. If you find harsh language and/or the frank discussion of violent or sexual subject matter offensive, this is not the tour for you.


  • Limited group size- no more than 15 guests per tour

  • 2.5- hour runtime

  • Runs 5:00pm-7:30pm

  • A brief stop at your guide’s favorite dive bar (cost of drinks not included in ticket price)

  • $40/adult



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