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Keith Kozel benefit: “Sleaze-O-Rama!” Grindhouse Triple Feature

  • Muse Arts Warehouse 703 Louisville Rd Savannah, GA, 31415 United States (map)

Muse Arts Warehouse and the Psychotronic Film Society present


An Old-School GRINDHOUSE Triple-Feature

Benefiting Local Musician and Artist KEITH KOZEL’S KIDNEY TRANSPLANT FUND

What is an “Old-School GRINDHOUSE Triple-Feature?”

It’s a day-long mini-festival of three OUTRAGEOUS, RAUNCHY, POLITICALLY INCORRECT EXPLOITATION FILMS made during the Glory Days of Drive-In Movie Theaters and Seedy, Inner-City “Grindhouse Cinemas” (which from the 1950s through the 1980s would show edgy, violent and erotic low-budget flicks around the clock – catering to fans of sleazy, boundary-pushing entertainment).

Both PFS Curator Jim Reed and Fundraising Recipient Keith Kozel are lifelong fans of such little-known examples of “Trash Cinema,” and together they have selected a killer lineup of overlooked or forgotten gems for your (guilty) viewing pleasure – each of which have not been seen in theaters for decades.

These movies are DEFINITELY not for anyone under 16 years of age. They’re filled with foul language, adult situations, unfashionably dated humor and graphic sequences of sex and violence.

In other words, they’re AWESOME.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see three bona fide cult classics the way their filmmakers intended them to be seen – on the BIG screen.

Just before each feature, we’ll show a selection of vintage, jaw-dropping trailers for similarly sleazy movies from the same time period, and in-between all the films, live local DJs will be spinning all kinds of retro psychedelic funk, garage and soul music.

We’ll also have great food from some of Savannah’s favorite restaurants available onsite for a small donation, so feel free to hang out all day if you’d like, listening to music, noshing and watching unforgettable movies.

Best of all, 100% of Proceeds go directly to, the official fundraising site designed to help beloved local fixture and father Keith Kozel pay for a life-saving kidney transplant!

Keith is currently on dialysis for a rare, incurable form of kidney disease, and is awaiting a suitable organ donor, but must raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to afford both the operation and the pricey, after-surgery medication.

$10 for any one film
$15 for any two films
$20 All-Day Gold Pass gets you into all three films
(and includes your choice of Candy OR Popcorn at each film)

Here’s the movie schedule:

3 p.m.


Directed by notorious trash cinema auteur AL ADAMSON (THE NAUGHT STEWARDESSES, BLACK SAMURAI, DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN), this is considered one of the most excessive and twisted of all the 1960s “outlaw biker flicks.” The Plot: An aggressive, murderous, drug-fueled Southwestern U.S. motorcycle gang called The Satans make a BIG mistake when they decide to mess with a former Military Policeman in the Marines (who’s also a Vietnam veteran). Starring RUSS TAMBLYN (TV’s TWIN PEAKS), REGINA CARROL (BRAIN OF BLOOD) and GREYDON CLARK (BLACK SHAMPOO), this post-Summer of Love throwback boasts a fuzzed-out psychedelic rock soundtrack and is a fearful snapshot of our country’s twisted counterculture during the time of the Altamont and Manson Family murders. It was extremely popular during its initial run at Drive-Ins, but has since lapsed into obscurity.

Link to Trailer:

6 p.m.

TURKEY SHOOT aka ESCAPE 2000 (1982, Australia)

Forget the crappy 2014 remake – this is the rarely seen original! Directed by Australia’s BRIAN TRENCHARD-SMITH (whom PULP FICTION and DJANGO UNCHAINED director QUENTIN TARANTINO cites as one of his most favorite filmmakers of all time), this futuristic exploitation flick (despite the “2000” in the alternate title, it supposedly takes place in the “future” of, get this: 1995!) stars STEVE RAILSBACK (LIFEORCE, THE STUNT MAN, TV’s HELTER SKELTER) and OLIVIA HUSSEY (ROMEO AND JULIET, BLACK CHRISTMAS) as prisoners in an isolated concentration camp called “The Establishment” which is run by sadistic guards and owned by a ruthless corporation which allows wealthy businesspeople to hunt their prisoners for sport. One online review called it “Easily the cheapest and nastiest piece of mainstream celluloid ever stitched together.” Meant as a dark, dark, dark satire, this dystopian update of THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME is a grimy, gratuitous and often hilariously inappropriate hoot that must be seen to be believed.

Link to Trailer:

9 p.m.


Easily the most ineptly made and belly laugh-inducing example of the infamous Blaxploitation genre, this almost hypnotically amateurish feature stars a cast of awkward, inexperienced actors and is packed with ridiculously dated disco-era fashions, laughably foolish dialogue, fight scene choreography that makes professional wrestling look like believable by comparison, and lighting, camerawork and background music that could have come from a 16mm porno film. The Plot: A smooth-talking, Harlem-born black private detective in Miami, Fl. is hired by the CIA to protect the sexy wife of an African leader during her visit to the USA, while he is simultaneously investigating the kidnapping of the daughter of a dangerous local crime boss. One of the most entertaining examples of movies that are “So Bad They’re Good” the PFS has ever unearthed, this is a virtually unknown film just waiting to develop its own international cult following. See it now and get in on the ground floor of the movement!

Link to Trailer:

Later Event: August 15
Predator (1987)