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Psychotronic Film Society presents: TIGER CLAWS 2

  • The Sentient Bean 13 East Park Avenue Savannah, GA, 31401 United States (map)

$7 admission for Mature Audiences Only.

Seating at 7:30pm / Show starts at 8:00pm

Tonight, the PFS salutes the one and only BOLO YEUNG on the occasion of his 70th birthday with a rare public screening of what stands as his final screen appearance – in 1996’s TIGER CLAWS 2.

Don’t know the name Bolo Yeung?

Well, you likely know his weathered and intimidating face.

He’s a legendary Hong Kong martial arts champion and action films actor who’s most remembered for playing tough and impressively athletic characters in such classic action flicks as ENTER THE DRAGON (where he famously fought BRUCE LEE) and the JEAN-CLAUDE VAN DAMME vehicles BLOODSPORT and DOUBLE IMPACT.

This “sequel-in-name-only” to Bolo’s earlier, successful low-budget action flick TIGER CLAWS has virtually NOTHING to do with the first film, so viewers who missed that one will not in any way be at a disadvantage.

In fact, for some reason, while Bolo played the villain of the first film, his character in this follow-up is clearly the hero!

The plot?

Yeung and a police officer (played by real-life female martial arts champion CYNTHIA ROTHROCK) find themselves mixed up with a top-secret fighting competition being held in a secret underground facility hidden beneath San Francisco’s Chinatown.

The kicker (see what I did there?) is that this championsip takes place on the Chinese New Year, with the criminal organizer hoping to use the fighters to mystically open some sort of “Time Portal” that will allow he and his pals to travel back to an earlier dynasty.



Strange and campy, with plenty of early MTV-style camerawork and editing, this is a guilty pleasure for fans of throwback ‘90s fashions, synthesizer music, unknown cokehead tough-guy actors and bad guys with ponytails and trenchcoats.

Plus, Bolo fights his enemies using the dreaded “Tiger Style,” meaning his hands have the power to slash opponents with the strength and manner of a tiger’s claw.


Don’t miss it!

For over a decade now, The Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah has been repeatedly named the BEST LOCAL FILM SERIES in annual reader polls. The PFS of SAV shows obscure and/or underappreciated films from around the world every Wednesday at the Sentient Bean (and occasionally on other nights as well). Whether extremely well-made or “so bad they’re good,” their selections are always rare, unique and memorable.

Until 9PM, the Bean will have special discounts on both Craft Beer and Organic Wine for anyone 21 and older, as well as their usual great selection of award-winning vegetarian cuisine, pastries, desserts and Fair-Trade Coffees and Teas.

We’ll also be raffling off free movie passes and other rare and unusual prizes from the PFS archives before the show.

So, make sure to bring a few extra bucks with you for Raffle Tickets…