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Psychotronic Film Society presents: SHOCKING DARK (Italy, 1990)

  • The Sentient Bean 13 East Park Avenue Savannah, GA, 31401 United States (map)

Psychotronic Film Night: 26th Anniversary Screening - The Ridiculous, Low-Budget Rip-Off of Both The First TERMINATOR Movie and ALIENS: Infamous Dud ALIENATORS aka TERMINATOR 2 aka ALIENS 2 aka CONTAMINATOR aka SHOCKING DARK (1990, Italy)

$5 admission for Immature Audiences Only.

Seating at 7:30pm / Show starts at 8:00pm

What if you simply went through the scripts of two of director JAMES CAMERON’S biggest sci-fi box-office smashes, copied down the scenes and dialog you liked best, clumsily stitched it all together, and then shot that movie on a shoestring budget, entirely in the large, dimly-lit basement boiler room of an Italian apartment building?

Well, you’d likely come up with something awfully similar to SHOCKING DARK, which is somewhat shocking and perhaps a bit too dark. It’s an unintentionally funny “horror” film that won’t scare anyone, but may cause difficulty breathing due to uncontrollable fits of laughter.

The “plot?”: Set in the highly polluted city of Venice in the far-off future of the year 2000 (yes, you read that right), a team of scientific researchers find themselves being killed off by unknown forces, and a team of soldiers is sent to investigate.

Their discovery?

Strange and deadly creatures that look quite a bit like guys wearing cheap rubber monster costumes, hiding in the shadows and waiting to stumble out and grab people.

Filled with idiotic dialog (much of it lifted almost verbatim from the original ALIENS film), brutally amateurish acting, and plenty of poorly lit basement corners, this genuine rarity (written by the same guy who later wrote and directed the legendary cinematic atrocity TROLL 2) is considered something of a classic by aficionados of movies that are “so-bad-they’re-good.”

Although it was shown briefly in theaters around the world under a variety of intentionally misleading titles (such as ALIENS 2, TERMINATOR 2 and our favorite, the grammatically-challenged ALIENATORS) it was never released in the USA (reportedly due to threats of legal action by Cameron and associates for intellectual property theft).

So, this will likely be your only chance to see it on the big screen EVER.

It’s dubbed badly in spoken English.

Until 9PM, the Bean will have special discounts on both Craft Beer and Organic Wine for anyone 21 and older, as well as their usual great selection of award-winning vegetarian cuisine, pastries, desserts and Fair-Trade Coffees and Teas.

We’ll also be raffling off free movie passes and other rare and unusual prizes from the PFS archives before the show.

So, make sure to bring a few extra bucks with you for Raffle Tickets…

For over a decade now, The Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah has been repeatedly named the BEST LOCAL FILM SERIES in annual reader polls. The PFS of SAV shows obscure and/or underappreciated films from around the world every Wednesday at the Sentient Bean (and occasionally on other nights as well). Whether extremely well-made or “so bad they’re good,” their selections are always rare, unique and memorable.