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Psychotronic Film Society presents; "Glitterball" (UK 1977)

  • The Sentient Bean 13 East Park Avenue Savannah, GA, 31401 United States (map)

On Nov. 15, the Psychotronic Film Society’s ongoing series of underappreciated feature films from around the world continues at The Sentient Bean with an extremely rare public viewing of the little-known (but highly adored) 1977 British film “The Glitterball.” Made initially for TV, this family-friendly flick has never been officially released on any home video format anywhere in the world. However, it was shown a handful of times on U.S. television in the late 1970s and is fondly remembered by many who were teens and pre-teens at that time.

A sci-fi fantasy, it is geared toward kids, yet remains quite entertaining to adults as well. It’s about a group of kids who discover a tiny space alien and join forces to protect the creature from both the Army and a gangster who are each trying to capture the space creature for their own nefarious purposes. Can these kids thwart the big, bad adults and help the tiny alien get back to his home planet? Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. Most who have seen “The Glitterball” reckon it was on Steven Spielberg’s mind a few years later when he made a little movie of his own called “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial.” You be the judge. 8 p.m. showtime.