Come to Savannah! We have rain!

I woke up this morning to a Niagra-esque rainstorm outside. Very similar to the one we had yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and the day before that.... The forecast has been for scattered thunderstorms throughout the area for, I think, the last three weeks- so long now I can't remember when we didn't have at least one storm every day. The bright side to having hardly any tours on my book is that I have no tours to get rained out. I've been doing mostly ghost tours here and there, thanks to the promotion I ran on LivingSocial, and those have been fortunate enough to escape the soggy, soggy clutches of whatever weather phenomenon is continually dousing our city. I'm not really complaining. Half of the country is being throttled to death by the one of the worst droughts in American history (and that's not even an exaggeration, sadly), while Savannahians get summertime showers once every day. The storms for the most part haven't even been the knocking-out-the-power, toppling-trees, flooding-the-streets variety. Not in my neighborhood, anyway. Just hard rain for a little while, then it stops. I had kind of a cynical stroke of genius this morning, though, while listening to the rain fall: that should be Savannah's current advertising campaign. "Come to Savannah! We have rain!" "Want to remember what falling rain sounds like? Come to Savannah!" "Want to see green grass and flowing fountains again? Come to Savannah!" One of these should be the slogan for 2012.

That's terrible of me, but you can't really stop yourself when it's 8 in the morning and you're barely awake. I can't fix the drought anyway, but I can tell you to come to Savannah and do a tour with me and bring your umbrella because... we have rain.